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Updated: 02.0.2012
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The Origin and History of the Australian Shepherd (Los Rocosa Aussies)
"As some may know, my family has been involved in livestock for many generations.  My father is Austrian and his grandfather (my great grandfather) was a livestock dealer who used to go from Austria into Italy and Germany to buy cattle.  ..  

Vanished Trails and Faded Memories of Australian Shepherd History
"Some historians propose Basques and their sheepdogs from the Pyrenees played an insignificant role in the history of the Australian Shepherd breed...  

Australian Shepherd Breed History by Nannette Newbury
"We don’t have much in the way of a written or documented history of the development of this talented and versatile bob-tailed herding dog. In fact, no one has the definitive answer as to how the breed even became known as the “Australian Shepherd,” although many contrasting theories abound. One fact is clear…the modern development of this dog occurred in the United States, primarily the western United States, coinciding with the..."  

Australian Shepherd Breed History by Linda Rorem
"Little can be known for certain about the origin of many breeds. With regard to the Australian Shepherd, various theories have arisen: that it is of Australian origin; that it is really a Basque breed; that it is of old Spanish origin. The investigating I have done indicates that..."  

Recommended Reading List

Potential Breed Development by Nannette Newbury
Pictorial map of the potential breeds that went into the development of the Australian Shepherd of today...  

Breed Historical Timeline by Nannette Newbury
A unique overview of the development of the breed over time...  

Historical Photo Index
Historical photographs of Australian Shepherds from days gone by...  

Australian Shepherd Geneology Chart
The Spider Web is an original chart of Australian Shepherd genealogy.  It depicts clear lines of relationship between the different families of dogs following a timeline along the development of the breed and the geographical areas where they were developed....