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Adults Available

Occasionally Stonepine Australian Shepherds will have young adults/puppies for sale. Typically these pups are hand-picked as potential Aussies to carry on the traits and function (originally an all-around ranch dog; currently obedience, agility, rally, flyball, etc.) of the Australian Shepherd to our future generations. Our primary focus is temperament, health, structure and performance ability/versatility.

As the pup ages, we make ongoing evaluations regarding the pup's future in our breeding program. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made on our part...but the good news is that you may have an opportunity to purchase one of these well-bred and well-started Aussies.

These pups are hand-raised and reared naturally at Stonepine Australian Shepherds. They are socialized, crate trained, house trained, leash broke and love to travel in the car or truck. Often times they have already attended obedience training and some even have been winning in the show ring. They have had a loving and professional start towards becoming a world-class pet and family companion or even a potential performance prospect. Feel free to call to discuss any prospects. Call 831.726.2700.